Mortgage Rates Rocked (Relatively) By Tax Plan Optimism

Mortgage rates moved higher today as financial markets grew more optimistic about the potential for tax reform. Late last night, the Senate passed a resolution that included language designed …read more

Mortgage Rates Hold Ground Amid Market Volatility

Mortgage rates were unchanged to slightly lower today. Political drama in Europe pushed stocks lower overnight and sent investors toward safer haven assets like bonds. Higher demand for …read more

Mortgage Rates Rise Only Modestly Despite Market Weakness

Mortgage rates moved modestly higher today despite bigger movement in underlying bond markets. In part, this is a byproduct of the way rates behaved at the end of last …read more

Mortgage Rates Rise a Bit More From Recent Lows

Mortgage rates were at their best levels in roughly a month last Friday afternoon. Since then, they’ve risen modestly on each of the past two business days. As …read more

Mortgage Rates Sideways to Slightly Higher

Mortgage rates were sideways to slightly higher today, depending on the lender. Underlying bond markets suggested a bit more movement, and that will likely be reflected in tomorrow morning’s …read more

Mortgage Rates Back Into The 3's After Inflation Report

Mortgage rates moved lower today. For many lenders, it was the biggest drop in more than a month and it also brings them to the best levels in roughly …read more

Be Careful What You Read About Mortgage Rates Today

Mortgage rate data collection is tricky business. Some sources rely on survey data that can have a limited collection window and a significant lag. Other sources rely on …read more

Mortgage Rates Stay Stubborn

Mortgage rates haven’t done much over the past few days, with the average lender offering substantially similar quotes every day in October. Depending on your perspective, that could be …read more

Mortgage Rates Little-Changed Near 4%

Mortgage rates were marginally lower today compared to last week, but only when factoring in upfront finance charges. Actual quoted interest rates have been unchanged for more than a …read more

Mortgage Update 10/20/13

Rates have fallen over the last several weeks and sit at 4 month lows. Rates for conforming mortgages sit at 4.25% while most adjustments to rates this last week have only been to lender to the borrower an not rate.

The market remains stagnant with little movement. No significant data and no surprising insights into Fed policy. Despite the shut down mortgage rates and the bond market the controls them seem to be more concerned with the employment situation.

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